In light of lockdown, the summer has proved unexpectedly eventful with regards to my photography.

After joining the Royal Photographic Society at the end of June, I soon entered a member competition on the theme of Summer: each day the RPS home page features a member’s picture as the main photo on a weekly theme. Today’s photo (above) is one of mine: this is my friend and fellow artist Angel Greenham in a crop circle, blending in with her surrounding, her blue top matching the sky, her white trousers the clouds, her blond hair the corn, and her position the horizon itself. As it happens, she also matches the RPS colours.

Another competition I’ve entered this summer was for the Chania International Photo Festival, in the fine art category. My picture Evergreen has been selected to be exhibited at Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, Greece between 9 and 21 October 2020.

Additionally, my series Rainbow City was published early in June on the website of the local paper Bristol 24/7 and shared on their social media platforms.

Some of the feedback I get through this blog sometimes helps me to decide which photos to submit, and it is encouraging to read your positive comments. So THANK YOU to all my followers and regular visitors for your support. It is precious to me and you do play a part in my success.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and stay safe!

8 thoughts on “Summer

    1. Thanks, Nigel.
      I decided to join the RPS because I would like to take my photography further and possibly become a licentiate at some point. Being an RPS member may bring support and inspiration, as well as advice to get there. They also have a few internal competitions, which can be a way to gauge one’s abilities. I didn’t expect to win a competition within 2 weeks, though!

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