“The ugly can be beautiful, but the pretty never can.”Paul Gauguin

Photography, for me, is escapism. When I look through my camera, I see what I want to see and forget about the world around for a moment. I’m in a happy bubble, another reality I create for myself and like to get lost into. By sharing my photos, I hope to give others a moment of escapism.

I am interested in textures, patterns, contrasts, or things that I find visually striking. I am not interested in showing what things actually are; I focus on the aesthetic and the form rather than on the object per se. Hence my pictures tend to be abstract.

One interesting aspect of abstraction is that, being detached from reality, it allows the mind to wander. There isn’t one unique way of looking at my photos; they are open to interpretation. People sometimes ask, “what is this a photo of?”. The answer is irrelevant. It can be anything; whatever you see in the photo is valid. In fact, I find it interesting to hear what people see in my pictures, what they trigger in their minds. I do not want to pin things down and prefer not to say what the photos are of or where they were taken. The point – if any – is not to define, limit and restrict, but to spark the imagination, to open the doors of the mind.


I have a background in fine art and film photography, with an interest in minimalism, urbex and architecture. My photos are very rarely edited as I prefer playing with the camera (in manual mode) to playing with the computer.

While I am happy for my photos to be “borrowed” for personal use, please have the courtesy to credit the source. Thank you.



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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog and commenting and being my 200th follower! Looks like we sometimes shoot similar things so I will reciprocate and add you to my list of blogs I follow.


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