“The ugly can be beautiful, but the pretty never can.”Paul Gauguin

Photography, for me, is escapism. When I look through my camera, I see what I want to see and forget about the world around for a moment. I’m in a happy bubble, another reality I create for myself and like to get lost into. By sharing my photos, I hope to give others a moment of escapism.

I am interested in textures, patterns, contrasts and things that I find visually striking. I am not interested in showing what the object actually is; I focus on the aesthetic and the form. Hence my pictures tend to be abstract.

There isn’t one unique way of looking at my photos; they are open to interpretation. I am sometimes asked, “what is this a photo of?”. The answer is irrelevant. It can be anything you like; whatever you see in the photo is valid. In fact, I love to hear what people see in my pictures, what they trigger in their minds. I do not wish to pin things down. The point – if there is one – is not to define, limit and restrict, but to spark the imagination, to open the doors of the mind.


I have a background in fine art and film photography, with an interest in minimalism, urbex and architecture. My photos are very rarely edited as I prefer playing with the camera to playing with the computer.

While I am happy for my photos to be “borrowed” for personal use, please have the courtesy to credit the source with a link to this blog/website. Thank you.



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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog and commenting and being my 200th follower! Looks like we sometimes shoot similar things so I will reciprocate and add you to my list of blogs I follow.


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