Bristol, UK, is famous for its views of coloured terraces clinging to the cliff tops over the river. But the Avon Gorge is not the only place where you can find brightly coloured houses. Here are a few less typical, but no less bold and beautiful walls that brighten up some of the local neighbourhoods.

This series was published on the news outlet website Bristol 24/7 in June 2020.


Wrinkles, scars, reptilian scales, elephant skin, feathers, mother-of-pearl, lunar landscapes, crevasses, craters, mud, rocks, chocolate shards, devils, fairies, snakes… What do you see when you look closely at the bark of trees?


Red sand, dead trees, wildlife footsteps, animal bones, blue skies, miles of emptiness, silence… and remnants of the white settlers’ arrogance and failures.


This Neolithic site comprises 3 circles. As most of the stones of the largest one have now fallen down and are only inches above the ground, it is usually difficult to make out the circle from the few menhirs still standing. In the snow, however, the circle is much easier to see, with the dark fallen stones contrasting sharply against the white ground.




In summer 2018, many areas in the northern hemisphere were affected by wildfires. Near where I live, a small fire burnt part of the fence and the bramble-covered slope that separates a section of the cycle path from the ring road. A few weeks later, I also found a fly-tipping site where barrels and tins had been burnt.


Colourscape is a not-for-profit organization that creates stunning inflatable structures that filter light through colour chambers. The intensity and interaction of the colours are mesmerizing. Do pay them a visit if you get the chance!


In Spring 2018, my yoga teacher approached me regarding the revamp of her website. Keen to avoid the clichés associated with yoga, she wanted photos with an urban feel, something more grounded, more down to earth. After discussing potential city locations, we went into town for a photo shoot on a very sunny day.

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